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Welcome to EV Home Charge, the premier provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions in Southampton. We’re delighted to serve a variety of clients, encompassing homeowners and businesses.

Our Services in Southampton

We’ve curated a wide array of services to meet your EV charging needs:

Residential EV Charger Installation: Facilitate your shift towards a green lifestyle with our residential EV charger installation services. Our expert team guarantees a secure and efficient installation process in Southampton, encouraging a reduction in your carbon footprint and greater energy efficiency.

Commercial EV Charger Installation: Modernise your Southampton business with the latest EV charging stations for your customers and employees. We supply and maintain dependable EV charging stations, fulfilling the rising demand for EV infrastructure in the city.

Our Product Range in Southampton

We provide a selection of high-quality, reliable EV chargers in Southampton, tailored to your specific needs:

LINCHR H-Series: This charger is designed for both residential and commercial use, offering a perfect blend of functionality and dependability. Its innovative technology ensures effective charging and ease of operation.

OHME Wall Charger: The OHME Wall Charger is created to easily blend into your daily routine, providing a solid charging solution that’s simple to manage. Its intelligent features enable you to plan your charging schedule, ensuring your vehicle is always prepared for travel.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Power: This charger is renowned for its advanced features and top-tier performance. The Wallbox Pulsar Plus Power delivers fast, reliable charging for a wide array of electric vehicles, making it a smart choice for your charging requirements in Southampton.

Zappi Tethered: For those interested in merging their EV charging with solar power systems, the Zappi Tethered charger is an excellent option. Its eco-friendly design allows you to easily charge your vehicle while reducing your environmental impact​.

Why Choose EV Home Charge in Southampton?

  • Expertise: Our Southampton team consists of certified electricians and technicians with vast experience in EV charger installation.
  • Quality: We offer a broad selection of superior, reliable EV chargers from trusted manufacturers.
  • Customer Service: Our dedication to exceptional customer service means we’re always available to respond to your inquiries and assist you throughout the installation process.
  • Compliance: All our installations in Southampton adhere to local regulations and standards, ensuring your safety and efficiency.

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