What you pay

All the charge points provided by us are eligible for both the OLEV grant of £350 and the Energy Saving Trust (EST) grant of £300 applicable to Scottish residents.

You will pay the quoted price but after installation, you will receive £300 grant funding from EST directly to your account.

Example pricing

For the Zappi tethered the price quoted on our website is £810. This price is net of the OLEV grant which is paid direct to the installer.

On ordering your unit you will pay a deposit of £510. Once installed and working you will pay the balance of £300.

You will then receive the EST grant directly to you of £300.

Your personal cost for the charger and the installation will be £510 with the balance being met through the OLEV Grant of £350 and the EST grant of £300.

The Charge Points

EO Mini Pro


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Zappi Tethered


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OHME Wall Charger


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