Available grants to
reduce the cost of your installation

Government Grant

This is available to assist in the costs of installation of your charge point. The customer completes the application and forwards the completed document to us.

To be eligible for the grant you need to answer yes to the following questions:

Private off-street parking

You must be the registered keeper or nominated private user

Be a homeowner or the landlord’s permission to install the charger

Purchased an electric vehicle after 1st October 2016 or leased for at least 6 months

If you can answer yes to these questions then you are most likely eligible for the OLEV grant. For the charge points listed with us the value of the OLEV grant would be £350.

Our expert team will guide you through the grant process and ensure that you have the correct evidence required to apply for the grant.

Energy Saving Trust

This grant is available to Scottish residents and contributes a maximum of £250 towards the cost of the installation of your charge point. This grant is paid to the customer. All our prices are before the deduction of this grant.

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Help completing the applications

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